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Victoria is the Queen of around half the world, a chap called Benz has just patented the first gasoline-driven automobile, and an American Pharmacist is mixing the original batch of a mysterious, dark, bubbly liquid that he would later call Coca-Cola.Meanwhile, and closer to home, architect Henry Tanner is laying the first few bricks of a beautiful building in central Douglas, which will be completed the following year. A good job he did of it, too, as well over a century later it’s still a fine spot to be.

We think Tanner would like what we’ve done with the place. Not just the respectful use of his original plans and brickwork, but the old-fashioned hospitality that warms the place up and the new-fangled touches of comfort and style.

Somewhere old and new, familiar but exciting. That’s 1886.

1886 - Bar, Grill & Cocktail Lounge
6 Regent Street
Douglas, IM1 2EA

T: 01624 61 1886

We’re open...
Mon to Thu: 11am - ‘til late
Fri and Sat: 11am - 3am
Sun: 11am - ‘til late